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As VP of Customer Engagement at Cresen Solutions, Rob drives the business development and marketing efforts. He enjoys working with clients to seek out ways to improve their operational efficiencies to reduce risk. Rob has been working in the Life Sciences Compliance / Transparency space since 2008 when he helped launch one of the industry’s first aggregate spend reporting tools while working for Health Market Science. Since then he has been a business development leader in other companies in the Life Sciences space including Aileron Solutions, Indegene, R-Squared and Polaris.

FCA/False Claims Filing Trends in 2019

By Robert Zelinsky on December 13, 2019

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The Benefits of Automation and Process Improvement in Your Compliance Monitoring Programs

By Robert Zelinsky on November 15, 2019

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5 Key Ways to Ensure Your Field Rides are Effective

By Robert Zelinsky on October 11, 2019

Field rides are a classic method of checking in with your employees. By directly observing their daily activities, a company manager or outside consultant can make constructive suggestions that encourage adherence to policies.

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Why Data Quality is a Critical Concern for Life Science Compliance Programs

By Robert Zelinsky on September 20, 2019

Data governance is frequently left out of analytics discussions in favor of flashy visualizations and advanced metrics. However, companies must invest heavily in the tools and training necessary to ensure data quality prior to developing an analytics program that provides reliable insights for strategic decision-making.

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Integrating KRIs into Your KPIs and Performance-Driven Compliance Culture

By Robert Zelinsky on July 30, 2019

In a performance-driven culture, the entire organization is driven to achieve certain positive outcomes. Goals are clear. Accountability is welcome. Together, everyone works toward success.

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Determine Whether Your KRIs are Leading or Lagging Indicators For Better Compliance Planning

By Robert Zelinsky on July 19, 2019

Are your KRIs actually protecting your company? Or are they just giving you a false sense of security?

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